Who are we?

Daydream Industries. Inc. is a collective of artists whose mission is to publish, produce, and otherwise promote very special works of imagination in almost any form. As such we are more than just a publishing company, more that just producers of media. We are partners in promoting the dreams and daydreams of those who dare to imagine.

What do we mean by special?

We at Daydream Industries. Inc. only involve ourselves in art that uplifts, inspires, and seeks to elevate those who experience it. No, this is not a religious credo, nor a political one, and we certainly aren't New Age mystics. We are strictly agnostic of any creed, dogma, or platform. Any artist, regardless of stripe, is welcome. All we really mean is we prefer to espouse and encourage art that celebrates what we are, as people, and what we can become when faced with unexpected adversity and challenges.

What do we do?

Daydream Industries. Inc. publishes/produces works of fiction in any form and any genre, promotes imagination and expression, sponsors contests, and even hosts regular retreats whose themes and goals fall within our stated mission. We offer services such as critique, editing, typsetting/formatting, etc. To say we are nonprofit would be misleading in the strictest sense...while we certainly seek to recoup expenses, we also believe that often profit must come second to aspiration and vision.

As such, if your primary goal is fame and fortune, then we are probably not for you. But if you have an artistic inspiration or passion that spoils your sleep and quickens your heart, then we are definitely on the same wavelength.